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Facts about weight Loss with the moon

Facts about weight Loss with the moon:
Water and fluid in astrology represents the moon. And if the impact on tidal waters, why not also affect the fluid in our body, which, as we know, consists of more than two-thirds of the water. At the Moon month, particularly at full moon and empty, but this impact has increased, and therefore visible. As a result, the post in those days the most impact on our body and is also the most effective.
When fast
Fast, therefore, especially at full moon and empty, but may also be having krajcih, only that you, in your own experience, are not as effective.
Somehow an hour before the start of Moon month eat some apple, grapes, banana, carrot, a piece of rusk, or yogurt.
Then, 24 hours does not eat anything. Do not be just before the fasting completely Sixth, because now 24 hours, I will not eat. During fasting, however, do not wait when it will be over 24 hours, so you can return the same minute potešili their immense hunger (because you have not eaten all day!).
Relax and forget the food!

You can help your body in fasting. Treat yourself to a lot of fluids, because that your body needs most. Well, not juice or carbonated beverages - drink water, unsweetened tea (mint, bezgovo flowers, Distaff, mate tea, green tea), but also of vegetable soups, and natural fruit juices - all without sugar or salt.
If possible, afford a lot of movement in the fresh air, swimming, cycling, moderate running or fast walking, but also a pleasant and relaxing bath or shower.
Certainly you'll need something to work, but not with cigarettes, coffee and settlement before the TV - your body needs the time to become fully operational.

Facts about weight Loss with the moon

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